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For Patients

Preparing for your first appointment at Fremantle Dermatology

For your first appointment, please ensure that you bring the following:

– Referral letter
– Medicare card
– Concession card or details

 Referral letter

A referral letter from your General Practitioner (GP) or specialist is required by Medicare for you to claim your rebate.

A referral letter from your GP is current for 12 months, while a referral from a medical specialist is current for three months. Please remember to bring your referral letter and Medicare card to your appointment.

Payment of Accounts

Payment of your account is required on the day, unless it has been deferred for further treatment.

Repeat Prescriptions

Requests for repeat prescriptions will only be accepted if the patient has had an appointment with our specialist in the last three months. If it has been longer than three months, you will need to make an appointment to see your GP.

Patient Form

Save time at your first visit by completing the patient form in advance. Download your Patient Registration form here.

After surgery care

It’s important to take care of your treatment site after surgery, while it heals. This will help to reduce potential scarring and lower the risk of infection.

Our website has after care information for your procedure.  In the case of suspected infection, please contact us immediately.

Here are some tips in reducing infection:

Ask your doctor how long you need to keep the treatment area dry for. Follow the Doctors orders exactly.

Clean wounds with lukewarm salt water and keep uncovered unless specified by the Doctor.

Use an antiseptic such as Savlon or Betadine once or twice daily. Try to minimise crusting and scabbing as this will reduce the chances of infection.

If you suspect a treatment area is infected please call the surgery to advise your Doctor.

Signs of infection may include sudden redness that spreads outward from the treatment site, soreness and weeping.